About Us

Our team has been thriving and growing since its inception in 2011. We first competed in FIRST Lego League (FLL) with a team of 6 elementary school students. We now have team members ranging from middle school to college students from schools around the United States. We are very fortunate to have over 25 mentors guiding us in our robotics journey.


Through hard work and dedication, we have won more than 50 awards, including the prestigious FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Inspire Award, FLL Champion Award, and the RoboSub IEEE Innovation Award in the past eight years.  We even competed in the FIRST World Championship in 2017, 2018, and qualified in 2020 which was canceled due the pandemic. In 2020, we became the first middle/high school team that ever won the world title in RoboSub's 23 years of history.

Our team meets year-round so that we can participate in various robotics competitions. We compete in FTC, RoboSub, RobotX, and various autonomous car competitions.


When we are not competing, we cross-train current members in multiple areas of disciplines and train new members in the basics of robotics and programming. In addition to teaching our own team, we also teach others through extensive outreach efforts. We host open houses, mentor other robotics teams, teach several FLL and FTC robotics summer camps, and conduct many other outreach events.

Our team is incredibly ambitious and sets our goals high. We aim to compete at the FIRST World Championship, place in the top fourth of the RoboSub rankings, and compete with a fully functioning ASV and UAV pair in the RobotX competition. Our coaches and mentors encourage us to strive toward our goals but our team knows that even if we don’t make it, what we learn is more important than what we win. 

Mission Statement

To learn, to share, to innovate, to inspire!

The main goal for our team is to learn about robotics and to compete so that we push ourselves to be even better. We want to share our knowledge as it builds our understanding of the subjects we have learned. We share our resources because we want everyone to be able to learn robotics. We innovate to expand our knowledge and the ideas of what is possible. We inspire others to do robotics because it is fun, interesting, and useful.

Meet the Team


We have had many wonderful teammates that have since moved on from the team.

Annapurna (Anu), Erin, Raquel, Maya, Ivan, Zack, Beatriz (Bea), Madalyn, Rohan, Livia, Abinav, Eric, and Sanjeev thank you for being part of our team journey!


We have worked with over 25 mentors and 40 industry professionals to learn more and share knowledge within the robotics community. Our mentors embody the idea that FIRST is more than robotics by not only instilling a passion for STEM within our team, but also developing soft skills among our team members. We have utilized the lessons learned from mentors to educate other individuals by holding public online meetings with our SWENext chapter.