Autonomous Car

We compete in a variety of autonomous car competitions. We are currently working with Triton AI, a student organization at University of California San Diego, to learn about artificial inteligience and compete. In most autonomous car competitions, teams use neural networks or other forms ofmachine learning so their cars "learn" from test runs which train the cars how to drive on a track. Cars range from remote control cars to Indy 500 cars.

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Since 2017, Team Inspiration has participated in the Donkey Car competition. Donkey Car also called Robocar, is a DIY self-driving vehicle that utilizes cameras and a servo shield, both programmed by a Raspberry Pi computer. Our Robocar is unique to many others: it includes a laser-cut, customized part to secure other components on the base, and the actual vehicle is slightly larger than other cars to help it cover more distance. There are different levels to the competition, where anybody from rookies to experts can participate.

Our Autonomous Cars