20220313 Build Blog Progress

Updated: Mar 21

For "2.5.7 Task 7 – Find and Fling" teams are tasked with launching a racquet ball about 2inches in diameter into a goal floating in front of the WAM-V vehicle.

Current configuration supports only one wheel for launching the racquet balls:

Further on the objective would be to use 2 counter rotating wheels to reduce spin and ensure that the ball floats into the goal and has no chance of bouncing out

Very aggressive tilting options may not need as the target will be below the platform of the Wam-V

Link for determining gear ratio: here Inspiration for hood design: here Current design with hood: here Using Onshape for their gear featurescript which is much more forgiving than the Fusion 360 gear script which has not option to revert and edit existing gears Video to learn about the feature script here Feature script example can be found here

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